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AQUA N AGRO is a privately-owned Aquaculture and Agriculture Entity involved in Local and International Farming, Courses, On Job Training, Student Interns, Project, Tenders and Consultation. Involves in Aquaculture, Agriculture Research and Development for a new Innovative Systems for a Sustainable Commercial Farming Business. 


Our Evolution begins from 2006, operating a Mariculture Farm and Mud Crab Hatchery in Singapore. Over time, we have experienced and introduced many revolutions towards the industry by establishing Training Centre, Research and Development Centre and Model Farms with viable Techniques, Technologies, Operations and Management. Our Country of Operations includes Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Mauritius.

Our Mission is to engage the world farming community towards a Responsible, Sustainable Aquaculture and Agriculture, Blue Gold Economy.

Diversified Vision of Increase Food Supply and Security, Environmental Low Carbon Foot Print, Cloud Farming, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Halal Meal Ready to Eat Food, Employment and Job Opportunities, Millennial Social Entrepreneurs and Assistance to Youths, Communities, Students and Academics.

Our passionate and family Team consists of Social Entrepreneur Couples - Mrs. Yee Lin (CEO and Co – Founder, Malaysian), professionally certified and managing our operations, with experience of 10 years in this industry Training, Internship, Project Co-ordination and Management, along with life partner Mr. G. PRABHAGAR, (Founder, Singaporean) managing our technical operations with 15 years of experience, professionally certified and international consultant with passion for community projects.


Mr. Nor Amin Bin Md Asbol (Manager, Malaysian) supporting our overall operations with 10 years in both Agriculture and Aquaculture Projects, with dedication in project commitments.


evolution of blue revolution

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